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Custom Wealth Building Plan

Ranjit's primary goal is to provide you with the education, inspiration and execution of wealth-building strategies built around your primary financial tool - your mortgage!

Let Ranjit build your custom wealth building plan.  Ranjit will roll up his sleeves to get to know your current situation and your short and long-term goals for the future. He will show you the success patterns that the wealthy have followed to achieve their success. You too can follow those same patterns to achieve what millions of people only dream about - complete financial indepedence, allowing you to choose where and how to work and do the things you've only dreamed of.  

Ranjit will start by analyzing your situation to help you significantly improve your cash flow by managing your debts so you pay the absolute lowest possible interest costs on all of those debts. For most people, income taxes are their biggest family expense. Ranjit will provide strategies to significantly reduce the taxes you pay.  Next Ranjit teaches you how to evaluate assets and develop a priority formula for investing in various asset classes by first determining where we are in the current economic cycle and where you are specifically in your life cycle. 

Education - Every Friday CHIN 100.7 FM radio 7:30 to 8:00 pm. Every Saturday/Sunday CityTV 10:40 am - Money Matters with Ranjit Dhaliwal.  Monthly wealth-building seminars available free of cost to existing clients. 

Inspiration - Ranjit gives very speciific examples of success stories (and failures to learn by) of recent completed transactions to provide you with the inspiration to take action and avoid mistakes. 

Execution - Once inspired to take action, your team at Clarity Financial will take care of all the details to get you on your path to financial freedom. 

Meet with Ranjit and get your Custom Wealth Building Plan!

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Ranjit Dhaliwal
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